House of the Dragon Top Character Revealed and Results are a Shock

There is nothing quite like a Reddit poll to inspire strong fan opinions. With a show like House of the Dragon, you can bet there will be some entertaining discussions. And, when the topic of the poll is favourite characters, it is inevitable that things will erupt into an enjoyable storm of clashing views.

The reason HotD and similar shows prompt such detailed discussions from fans on this topic is a testament to how well they are written. There are few obvious “heroes” and “villains,” with each character having their strengths and weaknesses. None are perfect. But not all bad either.

It is important to note that the poll has not been finalised at the time of writing. However, given the current sway of votes, it is unlikely there will be much change between now and the final result. The top six contenders, from a previous poll, are Daemon, Rhaenyra, Alicent, Aemond, Halaena, and Rhanys. Fans have expressed surprise that these are their finalists for the covered “top” character position, but here we are.

So, what’s the verdict? The results may surprise you…

6. Rhaenys Velaryon

Coming in last we have The Queen that Never Was. Fans are of the view that Rhaenys is a disappointing character overall. And they still don’t seem to be over that infamous “dragon burning all team green scene that never was…”

5. Helaena Targaryen

The only daughter of King Viserys and Queen Alicent, Helaena was a surprising entry, given we have not seen much of her in season one. While it is true, she does have a larger role in the books, and likely, future seasons, it remains an anomaly that she appears here so soon.

4. Alicent Hightower

Fans have been divided on Alicent ever since she started cosying up to King Viserys. From there, she has flipped back and forth between sympathetic character to villain, and deciding to love or loathe her feels like an impossible task.

3. Aemond Targaryen

Another surprising entry, given he is responsible for the death of young Lucerys at the end of season one. One of the most heartbreaking scenes, as even seasoned Game of Thrones fans, still rightly shudder at the death of a child. Yet he comes in at number three, showing that HotD fans enjoy their evil characters.

2. Rhaenyra Targaryen

It should not be a shock that Rhaenyra made this list. Starting as a doe-eyed young girl determined to make her father proud, she evolved into a deceitful, opportunistic, power-hungry, and possibly sex-addicted young woman. But her love for her father and her children remains devout, making it impossible to stay mad at her for too long.

1. Daemon Targaryen

Anyone who wants to pause for a “wtf” moment, feel free. Yes, Daemon is currently ranked as the top HotD character by Reddit fans. Their love of villains continues as there is no denying that Daemon is a nasty piece of work. While commentary suggests it is Matt Smith’s brilliant portrayal that has earned Daemon this crown, the overall results of this poll so far prove that villains are fans’ “top” HotD characters.

Oh Netflix, What Have You Done? The Warrior Nun Cancellation Drama…

I should start this post by admitting up front that I’ve never watched Warrior Nun. I was vaguely aware of its existence, but it hadn’t even quite made it on to my “I need to watch these shows” list just yet. And now it likely won’t ever because Netflix has decided to pull the plug on it…

I do not have anywhere the strength of feeling that actual fans of the show have. That is obvious. But I do understand the agony of an unfinished story. And to wrap it on a cliffhanger only makes matters even worse.

Can it get more dire than that? Yes, it can! Because in 2017 Netflix cancelled Sense and received such backlash that they took to Twitter to assure viewers that they did not like leaving a story unfinished, and would try to not do the same thing in future.

Needless to say, Warrior Nun fans have pointed this out on Twitter. And to their credit, they have achieved a trending hashtag of NETFLIX CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE which is gaining worldwide attention. Yes, a trending phrase in all capitals is doing the rounds on Twitter and gaining more momentum and support by the minute.

Warrior Nun fans, I wish you the best of luck in getting your show back. Whether on Netflix or another platform, I am hopeful that the story you’ve been enjoying can continue to be told. And to the cast and crew of this show, I send my love and best wishes. Let’s hope this fight is won!

Why Are the Comic Fans Never Happy? – A Little Rant…

I don’t normally enjoy ranting. I didn’t create the blog to be a platform of misery or whining. But as this is the forum for the inside of my twisted little mind and everything that comes with it, this is something I need to get out.

I have been a fan of comics and superheroes since I was a child. Now that I’m in my thirties, my love of this media has only grown stronger. I’m now able, as a mature adult with a ton of life experience, to more fully appreciate the subtle themes, nuances and dramatic genius of these incredible stories and characters. I don’t buy into the whole DC versus Marvel rivalry. Yes, Batman and his universe has always been and will always be my favourite. But not because it is DC. Because I love it the most. Simple.

But one of the things that endlessly bugs me about the whole comic universe is the other fans, who can always seem to find fault. Particular examples of this are seen in the rash of recent comic movies and TV shows that have been flooding our screens in recent years. As a long-time comic fan, I’m thrilled. But every time I am on social media (yes, almost every day), I see people complaining, whining, asking why it isn’t exactly like the comics. I appreciate that everyone has different tastes and opinions, but some of the commentary has been nothing short of vicious and cruel. This bothers me. Not only because I don’t enjoy reading such nasty material, but also because of the level of emotional investment people seem to put into a movie or TV show.

I absolutely adore Batman. Every time I go to see a new Batman film, I feel a rush, a thrill for what awaits me. Have I been disappointed by some Batman films? Of course. But I don’t take that disappointment and slather it all over social media. I simply don’t watch it again and keep my eye out for the next film, which I hope will be better. In the spirit of that, I won’t specifically name the films that have disappointed me. What I will say, is that all the most recent films featuring Batman have absolutely blown me away and as a huge fan of this character, I am very, very happy. I’m also going to state on record here that I love Ben Affleck as Batman / Bruce Wayne. And I loved Christian Bale as Batman / Bruce Wayne. Those two, along with Adam West (my earliest memory of a live action Batman as a small child) are my favourites. Not everyone agrees, and I accept that.

Yes, I’m rambling a little. Admittedly when I start to write about Batman, I have to stop myself from turning it into an epic novel. I could literally write / talk about him all day. But the take home message that I hope you all get from this post is simply this. Have some respect. Respect for the people who work very, very hard and spend a lot of money to try and make something great for us fans to enjoy. You may not like everything that is made and that’s fine. But for every person that doesn’t like a film, there is another person that does. So please show respect for other fans as well. Social media can be wonderful, but it can also be brutal. Accept that people have opinions different from your own and be nice. Hate a movie or TV show as much as you want. But please don’t throw shade on and hate the people that like it and those that make it. They have feelings too.