Marilyn Manson: The Latest Celeb Accused of Abuse

I could say that nobody saw this coming, but if the subsequent comments are anything to go by, then plenty of people indeed predicted this one. Actress Evan Rachel Wood has taken to Instagram to publicly accuse singer Marilyn Manson of abuse during their former relationship. Her statement was simple and clear, and offered us even more context to some very poignant posts she’d made in the weeks leading up to the revelation.

Since then, others have come forward, not only in support of Wood, but telling very similar stories about alleged abuse from Manson. It took his record label less than 24 hours to drop him in the wake of the accusations.

Wood has previously commented on her experiences of domestic violence and while many surmised that she may have been referring to Manson, this is the first time she has ever directly named him.

What has prompted her to finally name and shame, is not known. What is known, is that a letter was sent by California State Senator Susan Rubio to Acting Attorney-General Monty Wilkinson and FBI Director Christopher Wray less than two weeks ago, informing them of Manson’s allegedly abusive behaviour and encouraging them to investigate.

Manson denied the allegations via his own Instagram, despite a previous comment suggesting his lawyers had encouraged him to avoid saying anything.

While it’s hard to immediately know the “truth” in these kinds of cases, it is pretty obvious that at some point, alleged victims have contacted the authorities to prompt the Senator’s involvement. As encouraging at this is, and certainly lends credence to the victims telling the truth, what’s concerning is the lack of known response to the Senator’s letter. Did Wood feel the need to take this to social media because it’s not being investigated? I hope that is not the case. My hope is that it IS being investigated and this gave her the hope and strength she needed to publicly name him.

It’s impossible for me to write about this without comparing to the recent Armie Hammer accusations. But the two cases are starkly different in how alleged victims have come forward. You can read my previous post on Hammer and that whole situation here.

Whether Manson is innocent or guilty will be a decision for the powers that be to make, should they choose to investigate. Because this alleged abuse has obviously been reported appropriately, to seek a just resolution, and without clear attempts to viciously seek to embarrass and destroy another human being. Due to the actions of the women alleging to be Hammer’s “victims” however (such as deleting evidence, changing versions of stories, intentionally omitting context, and sharing deeply personal information without his consent), it is unlikely any of their accusations will end up as any kind of formal investigation. At least, not one that will provide any helpful answers, anyway.

If Manson committed these horrors, then he needs to admit it and get himself the help he needs to ensure it does not ever happen again. While nothing can change the past, the future can be shaped by decisions made today.

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