A Writer Needs to Write; But They Also Need To Be Read

Some of you may have noticed my recent, very short-lived foray onto Patreon. Yes, I deleted the page. Why? Simple. Nobody supported it. Now, don’t take this post as a whine. It’s merely a statement of fact. Nobody was interested in it, so I took it away. What will I do with the content I had intended to home there? I’m not sure yet. That will be a decision for another day.

I’m not ashamed to admit the spiral of depression I found myself in after this. It’s a large part of the reason I’ve not been online. I have found myself quite literally unable to write anything. Writing felt suddenly pointless. Why write, if it’s not going to be read? That got me thinking…

How many great writers out there are not following their dream and putting their art into the world because nobody has supported them? Now me, I’m resilient. I’m fortunate to have lived a life that has taught me to be strong and keep going, no matter how little encouragement I receive. Sure, I’ve had my little break, let myself be down and feel through my crushing disappointment. But now I’m back. And I’m still writing.

Not everyone has that resilience or relentless determination to keep writing after the deafening silence that is nobody bothering to read your work. Or worse, those that may read it, but don’t take the time to offer any kind of support. And that feeling is compounded even further when, like me, you go out of your way to support other writers. Be it kind words or even financially. Support is so important in the artistic industry. When it is not forthcoming, it can leave you feeling low, worthless, and unwelcome in the world of your chosen craft.

I will keep writing. But I will also keep learning. About myself, about others, and about how to continue pushing on even in the absence of any encouragement from others in this competitive and selfish world that seems to be professional writing. And my attention will be focused on those who do take the time to read and support my work. Because those people are truly priceless and precious treasures for which I will be forever grateful. You know who you are. Thank you.

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