Elections and Why South Park Got It Right

Okay, so right now, everywhere we look, we are seeing the US election. Even those of us outside the US feel like we have some kind of a stake in this, or at least, an opinion. I am not a political person, never have been. I will admit I am not a supporter of Trump (smash that unfollow button if needed), but not because of any level of political knowledge on my part.

I freely admit not fully understanding the US political system. I confess not having intimate knowledge of every single one of his policies. And I concede that the seemingly never-ending sensationalist media that has surrounded this man has made it difficult to discern fact from fiction.

I don’t support Trump because of what I have seen and heard with my own eyes and ears. Things this man has said and done. Things he’s tweeted. The outright lies he has been caught in. And the false information he has chosen to declare as fact. The evidence I have seen and assessed for myself, discounting the media and supporter or opposer commentary in between. I make my own decisions and form my own judgements. That is true of everything in my life and my views on Trump are no exception.

But does this mean I support Biden? Hell no. I know basically nothing about this man. Is he better than Trump? Worse? If I’m being completely honest with you, I have no idea. And one thing you can always count on when reading my blog is honesty. If I don’t know something, I’ll admit it. I will never be someone who claims to have knowledge or information that I do not possess.

But I’ve just seen a video which has led me down the path of not supporting Biden. You’ve no doubt already seen it, the one of him inappropriately touching underage girls. In public. Is it genuine footage? Is it doctored to make him look bad? I have no idea. But if genuine, it’s absolutely enough to make me not want to support him either.

Now, I am not in the US, so mercifully, I have not had to actually make any kind of decisions as I cannot vote in this election. If I was, I would have done far more in-depth research on both candidates to make an informed and rational choice. But right now, based on what information I do have, I’m fairly confident that neither candidate would earn my support at the polls if it were up to me.

Why? Because this is just like most other elections. Not just in the US, but in my country of Australia too. Elections have become about nothing more than spreading lies, fuelling fear, and smearing your opponents with the aim of winning at all costs. Finding the truth in all this has become a near impossible task. It’s exhausting to watch, and frustrating to try and navigate.

When I vote in Australia, I choose the candidate that seems to support the views I share. One that promises to do things that I feel are good for my country. The problem is, in a largely two-party system, voters end up left with a choice between only two candidates. And as South Park so eloquently demonstrated; those choices are usually between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

What? You were expecting nothing but maturity and serious discussion on my blog? Sorry not sorry.

Voting in Australia is mandatory which makes this fact even more frustrating. To see every single election be won by one of the same two parties makes the entire process feel pointless to those of us who want to see real positive changes for our country. But we continue circling around from one to the other, seeing minimal or no meaningful progression.

Most people vote out of habit. They vote out of being identified (by themselves or others) as right or left wing. They vote for one of the two big parties because we all taught that it is not worth trying to vote for anyone else because “no one else will win.” Most people seem resigned to the fact that it will always be one of the big two in charge. And as long as the majority continues to feel and vote this way, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Giant douche or turd sandwich. Who will win? And at the end of day, does it really matter?

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