Murdered Soul Suspect: A Game Review

Here I am with yes, another game review. Now there are few games that open with your playable character being murdered. I can feel the spoiler rage from here since you guys come here knowing I don’t do spoilers. Ok, so technically yes, that is a spoiler, but considering it’s one of the first thing that happens in the game, I’m calling it as not counting as one. My blog, my rules, and insert smug smirk here. If the title of the game wasn’t enough to clue you in to the plot, then there you have it. Airtight Games and Square Enix have taken the murder mystery game concept to a whole new level by having players solve their own murder with Murdered Soul Suspect.

You play as recently deceased Detective Ronan O’Connor who, in addition to wanting to continue his investigation into a particularly nasty serial killer called The Bell Killer, is also coming to terms with his new existence as a ghost. Salem, Massachusetts is the setting for the story, which is a stroke of genius on the writer’s part. In addition to the things you will learn about your character, the killer, and the other supporting NPCs, you’ll also uncover rich history about the town. This makes for an intricate and in-depth interplay of stories and information which deepen the overall story and add to the incredibly atmospheric tone of the game.

The gameplay itself is stealth and investigation based. If you are after fast-paced action, then this is not the one for you. But if you are a fan of the detective genre, love finding clues and piecing them together to solve thrilling mysteries, then you will love Murdered Soul Suspect. There are moments where the game feels “actiony,” but they are few and far between. It does have plenty of delicious plot twists, and I doubt many people would see them coming. All those little twists and turns along the way genuinely surprised me, and that ending, wow. Ok breathe. I am not going to tell you how it ends.

What I will tell you about the ending, indeed the ONLY thing I will tell you if this. If you are a completionist who loves solving all the puzzles, challenges, finishing all the collect quests and uncovering all those hidden secrets (of which this game has plenty) then listen up. Make sure you get all this done before you zone into the final scene of the game. You will get a warning that pops up letting you know that you cannot get back to the main game, and they aren’t kidding. Unlike many other games, you can’t free roam after the credits roll to finish off all those little side quests and nab your achievements. Once you finish, you finish. And the only way to quell the disquiet in your little 100% completionist heart, is to replay the game from the start.

The concept of this game is relatively simple, but through masterful storytelling and beautiful artwork, you will be treated to a richly immersive gaming experience that stirs up some pretty deep emotions. The more you learn about your character and events surrounding him and the investigation, the more you will feel. The gradual, slow reveal of backward character development is done brilliantly here.

The controls are nice and straight forward (handy reminder here that I am a PC gamer, which means they are likely even more user-friendly on your consoles). Puzzles are logical but also really make you think hard, giving your cranium a lovely workout while you play. Any fans of mystery and detective genre games who love a great story should check out Murdered Soul Suspect by Airtight Games and Square Enix. It really is wonderfully put together and will be a gaming experience you are sure to enjoy.

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