The Illuminati – A Simple Conspiracy Theory

This is possibly one of the most popular conspiracy theories today. And it’s also, one of the most utterly ridiculous. The rumour is that The Illuminati are a super-secret society that has infiltrated pretty much everywhere and are working on some super-secret plan take over the world and establish a single government to rule it all. OK, so you all ready for the truth?

The Illuminati was originally created in May 1776 in Germany, as a response to the overly religious and suppressive government of the time. Its focus was on teaching free-thinking, rationalism, republicanism, liberalism, secularism and gender-equality. Essentially the educated people of the day wanted to have a safe space for like-minded people to exchange ideas that, at the time, were deemed extremely dangerous.

Today, the notions embraced by The Illuminati are not only commonplace, they are in fact taking over as the most forward thinking and positive ones that most people strive for. So how have these intelligent and ahead-of-their-time folks become the subject of a modern-day conspiracy theory that paints them as the bad guys?

Simple. The Illuminati were against the government of their day. In the late 1700s, Germany was controlled by a strict Roman-Catholic rule, and anyone who didn’t fall in line, was branded a dangerous enemy. This, sadly, is what ultimately led to the fall of The Illuminati. They were infiltrated and shut down in 1785, lasting less than ten years.

Of course, like any government who decided they didn’t like a particular group, the German rulers of the day were excellent at creating and spreading propaganda to ensure support for their cause. This false information persisted even after they had achieved their goal of shutting the group down and continued to prompt conspiracy theorists to claim that The Illuminati were responsible for The French Revolution and The Reign of Terror.

In the 20th Century, different conspiracy theorists were blaming the group for both communism and capitalism in different parts of the world. Basically, if people didn’t like it, The Illuminati were deemed the cause. The fear was that they were promoting radical ways of thinking and inspiring others to rise up and join them to overthrow governments. And it was a fear that the church made certain stayed strong by fuelling the fire of lies to continue to justify the action taken by the devoutly religious German government in 1785.

Which brings us to today. Somehow, these conspiracy theories have blown to extremes with many being of the belief that current politicians, musicians (rap stars are common targets here), actors, television personalities and sportspeople are secretly members of The Illuminati and are working to create a single government that with rule the entire world with its so-called “radical” views. There is absolutely zero evidence that The Illuminati survived its suppression in 1785. So every wild theory that has come forward since simply cannot be true.

Now, of course the advocates of these conspiracies will say that of course there’s no evidence of the group still being around, because it’s a “secret” society. But I urge you all to remember that old adage, that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Beware ANY claim or theory that by its very definition cites the absence of proof as being the proof itself. Don’t be fooled. If something exists, then so does the evidence confirming it. Always, no exceptions.

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