Why Are the Comic Fans Never Happy? – A Little Rant…

I don’t normally enjoy ranting. I didn’t create the blog to be a platform of misery or whining. But as this is the forum for the inside of my twisted little mind and everything that comes with it, this is something I need to get out.

I have been a fan of comics and superheroes since I was a child. Now that I’m in my thirties, my love of this media has only grown stronger. I’m now able, as a mature adult with a ton of life experience, to more fully appreciate the subtle themes, nuances and dramatic genius of these incredible stories and characters. I don’t buy into the whole DC versus Marvel rivalry. Yes, Batman and his universe has always been and will always be my favourite. But not because it is DC. Because I love it the most. Simple.

But one of the things that endlessly bugs me about the whole comic universe is the other fans, who can always seem to find fault. Particular examples of this are seen in the rash of recent comic movies and TV shows that have been flooding our screens in recent years. As a long-time comic fan, I’m thrilled. But every time I am on social media (yes, almost every day), I see people complaining, whining, asking why it isn’t exactly like the comics. I appreciate that everyone has different tastes and opinions, but some of the commentary has been nothing short of vicious and cruel. This bothers me. Not only because I don’t enjoy reading such nasty material, but also because of the level of emotional investment people seem to put into a movie or TV show.

I absolutely adore Batman. Every time I go to see a new Batman film, I feel a rush, a thrill for what awaits me. Have I been disappointed by some Batman films? Of course. But I don’t take that disappointment and slather it all over social media. I simply don’t watch it again and keep my eye out for the next film, which I hope will be better. In the spirit of that, I won’t specifically name the films that have disappointed me. What I will say, is that all the most recent films featuring Batman have absolutely blown me away and as a huge fan of this character, I am very, very happy. I’m also going to state on record here that I love Ben Affleck as Batman / Bruce Wayne. And I loved Christian Bale as Batman / Bruce Wayne. Those two, along with Adam West (my earliest memory of a live action Batman as a small child) are my favourites. Not everyone agrees, and I accept that.

Yes, I’m rambling a little. Admittedly when I start to write about Batman, I have to stop myself from turning it into an epic novel. I could literally write / talk about him all day. But the take home message that I hope you all get from this post is simply this. Have some respect. Respect for the people who work very, very hard and spend a lot of money to try and make something great for us fans to enjoy. You may not like everything that is made and that’s fine. But for every person that doesn’t like a film, there is another person that does. So please show respect for other fans as well. Social media can be wonderful, but it can also be brutal. Accept that people have opinions different from your own and be nice. Hate a movie or TV show as much as you want. But please don’t throw shade on and hate the people that like it and those that make it. They have feelings too.

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